Website translation

How to optimize the translation of a website on the net and its referencing in the world?
The interests of translating your website into Russian, English and other languages.

Good reasons to translate your website into Russian, English and other languages


Translating your website into Russian, English and other widely spoken languages will increase your visibility on the Internet and thus making available the information about your business, your products, and services to much more people. We establish our rates for website translations based on the difficulty of the translation and the number and the complexity of the texts of your content. We are able as well to carry out translations for the online shops.

Technical and practical points of bringing your translation online


Your webmaster certainly has all the capacities and necessary resources to bring online the versions of your website in different languages, but Russian language, which is based on the Cyrillic alphabet, will be hardly understood by people speaking languages based on the Latin alphabet and vice versa. So if your webmaster does not speak Russian or other languages into which your website is translated, it will be better to go on with a close collaboration with your translator/translators to create an optimal layout. Of course, nowadays, the modern content management systems offer the interfaces that make the completion of the online translation of your site possible. Even so, this may cause not only some incongruities, but also very silly mistakes and you cannot run the risk of being counterproductive and forming a negative image of your company. A good quality translation means respecting certain rules and requires certain investments. Our price for the translation of websites starts at 360 € for the basic sites with a small content volume (anyway, we always provide you a detailed quote for our services guaranteeing a real collaboration between the customer, the webmasters, and the translators).

Different translation aspects of Internet sites


A website normally includes two principle parts: in the first part, the “technical details” describing your products, services, your commercial offer, and its advantages. In the second part, the “general terms” which detail your prices, the conditions of your offer, as well as other general conditions of sales. Translating a website is not as easy as you might think. For such a task, a professional translator mastering legal and technical terminology is needed. Into the bargain, for each particular translation it is necessary to have some specific knowledge on the topic that has to be translated.



We offer real support to webmasters and web-market professionals: we translate HTML pages, codes, descriptive texts of the images, meta-discriptions and meta-tags at the same time giving you some advice on the choice of the keywords in each language based on our knowledge of the way of thinking of the native speakers of each language. This contributes to increasing your SEO visibility on Google and on the Internet in general, all your products and your services become available in each and every country of the world. Thus, increasing the number of the language versions of your site you are increasing your business.