Administrative support for Ukrainian nationals

Are you Ukrainian and considering moving to France for personal or professional reasons? Do you need personalized assistance with all the administrative and legal procedures related to your project, as well as translation and interpretation of all the necessary documents?

Our translation and support agency is here to help. We provide you with professional, bilingual French-Russian/Ukrainian interpreters who will accompany you throughout your journey in France. We specialize in the translation of all types of administrative documents (birth certificates, passports, diplomas, contracts, etc.) and offer comprehensive assistance for obtaining your visa, work permit, residence permit, as well as for submitting application files to the competent authorities.

We also offer assistance with opening a bank account, subscribing to health insurance, finding housing, enrolling in school or university, and more. We are here to help you understand local laws and regulations, complete all necessary formalities, and resolve any administrative problems you may encounter.

By using our services, you will benefit from personalized and tailored support adapted to your needs and expectations. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you succeed in your project of settling in France. Contact us now to learn more!

More information on the prefecture’s website in the Ukrainian nationals section


Administrative support for Ukrainian
Translation and interpretation of administrative documents such as birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, notarized documents, etc.conduire, des actes notariés, etc.
Assistance with obtaining a visa, work permit, and residence permit, as well as with preparing application files to be submitted to the competent authorities.
Advice on the rights and obligations of Ukrainian citizens in France, on local laws and regulations, on administrative practices, and on the formalities to be completed.
Connecting with French business partners, potential clients, suppliers, etc.

Organization of tourist visits, meetings with representatives of the Ukrainian community in France, participation in cultural events, etc.

Assistance with opening a bank account, subscribing to health insurance, finding housing, enrolling in school or university, etc.
Accompaniment during appointments with lawyers, notaries, real estate agents, doctors, government officials, employers, etc.
Assistance with resolving administrative issues such as disputes with third parties, fines or penalties to be paid, claims to be filed, demands to be made, etc.
Monitoring of political, economic, and social news in France and Ukraine, and dissemination of relevant information to clients.
Advice on daily life practices in France, cultural norms and local customs, places to visit, restaurants to try, activities to do, etc.