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  • Assistance with knowledge of English and French and legal background

    Most general managers and businesspersons have assistants who perform daily tasks: management of emails, agenda, incoming calls, booking for tickets and hotels, etc. However, for a project abroad, you may probably need an assistant with specific skills (knowledge of several foreign languages, knowledge of diplomatic protocols and principles, and/or legal knowledge of negotiations). The permanent presence of such a professional in the staff will undoubtedly be expensive.

    What are the advantages for your company of hiring such an assistant/ interpreter for a foreign project?

    • Maintenance of all correspondence and translation of all projects documentation by the same person, which will ensure a consistent and accurate translation of all the key concepts and will greatly facilitate negotiations and avoid misunderstandings;
    • Time saving because you will no longer need to desperately look for an interpreter or agency, whenever you need to translate a document or a business letter and send it quickly to your business partner;
    • You will always be assisted by one and same person in all situations related to your projects abroad (commercial correspondence, translation of documents, telephone interviews or business meeting), who will be fully informed about the history of your correspondence and other relationships with a business partner. Again, that will save your time and efforts by avoiding unnecessary explanations;
    • You will have a permanent interpreter for a particular project who knows the diplomatic principles and carries out all the negotiations. That interpreter will become an integral part for a positive and favourable image of your company and will help you to build a lasting relationship with your partner (whenever a new interpreter is engaged, we spend time to inform how to adapt to the new interlocutor and his/her way of working);
    • Finally, if you are assisted not by an interpreter but someone with a legal background, who is acquainted with national and cultural characteristics of your partners, then his/her advice and recommendations will help you to avoid many pitfalls and understand correctly the psychology and logic of your business partners.

  • Management of your translation project

    In practice, there are situations where a company has long-term relationships with foreign partners. There are many documents to translate in a few weeks, months or even years, and the volume is so large and the timing is so tight that a single translator cannot handle or may not be available when you need his/her services. Therefore, we suggest that we can assume the full responsibility for all your translations for a particular project. This means that we:

    • in accordance with your needs and your project, we prepare a team of translators that have the necessary skills;
    • we provide additional training for interpreters/ translators to ensure that they will fully understand the requirements of your project and its nature;
    • We manage and assign the entire flow of translations – all your employees and all your services will have the same interlocutor who will be ready to respond quickly to the request;
    • We check the quality of all translations and then send them according to your request to the corresponding departments of your company, to your employees, and/or your business partners;

    The main advantage of our service «Management of your translation project» is that your company can always count on us, without worrying about the urgent search for a translator or a translation agency. We also have at your disposal a team of professional translators who are familiar with your project abroad and who match your company’s profile by ensuring accuracy and consistency of the terminology in all translations.

  • Creation and translation of your commercial and marketing texts

    Our team includes not only translators, but also journalists and editors. We can translate your commercial, marketing, and/or advertising texts, but we can also create them for you based on the information about your brand, products, and/or services that you provide us. Examples of our commercial texts and advertising reports can be found in the “Articles” section.

    The advantages of this service:

    • Facility, that is, instead of two agencies, a communication agency and a translation one, if you contact us you will get a service “two in one”: creation of a text + translation and adaptation to the concepts of the natives, which without doubt will increase the effectiveness of your communication;
    • Our prices are adequate and reasonable comparing to the majority of communication agencies. This is a positive point  for young brands and companies that would like to enter the market, be heard and seen, but have a limited budget;
    • Writers and specialists of our team, who have not a current of standardized thought, will find in your product, company, service a peculiarity and a strong point to put forward in order to distinguish them from the other competitors;
    • Our texts are written at the same time in a literary and commercial way. We do not do a simple alignment of words and sentences according to the standards of today’s commercial texts, but we give them a meaning and an immortal “soul.”

  • Trade promotion of your commercial brand in other countries

    The absence of specialists speaking foreign languages may become a barrier when conquering new markets and working with companies from other countries. We will be delighted to help you dealing with the language barrier and together we will establish and implement your company’s development strategy abroad.

    What can we do for you?

    • According to the parameters that you have defined, we can carry out a search and establish a list of foreign companies that may interest you;
    • Help you writing and translating a business proposal, letter, and/or a collaborative proposal;
    • At your request, we can contact your potential partners by phone and/or e-mail and provide them with information about your company, products, and/or services;
    • On the basis of a regular follow-up, we can translate your trade exchanges with your foreign partners;
    • We can search for information about conferences and trade shows in a country where you wish to present your products and services;
    • We can assist you during registrations, preparation of stands, or during congresses and/or trade show;
    • We can provide support to your specialists during congresses and/or trade shows (interpreting services).

  • Assistance/Interpreting service during construction and interior/exterior design activities

    You have just bought the villa or apartment of your dreams on the French Riviera, but you do not speak a word of French and need a builder to carry out the construction, interior/exterior design works. Contact us and we will be able to choose for you a professional interpreter who is specialized in providing assistance with construction, interior/exterior design works. The interpreter can also provide you with a list of necessary contacts (designers, plumbers, architects, gardeners, etc.) and, if you so wish to look after your property in France when you are abroad.

Base rates for interpretation

  • Interpreting rates

    • 50€ / hour (for orders minimum 10 hours)
    • Half-day rate :190€   (4 hours)
    • Daily rate 390€ (7 hours)

    Daily and half-day rates are applicable in case of (interpretation) interpreting from 9 a.m. through 8 p.m. Monday-Friday ( (for) weekends and public holidays as well as supplemental hours see rates in General terms)

  • Linguistic assistance in notary office

    These rates do not include transport, accommodation and other expenses

  • Proofreading and editing

    50% of the basic translation rate

  • Courses of Russian language

    For the courses of Russian language, please contact us directly via electronic form.

Base rates for translation

  • Basic rates per word for written translations

    • English: 0,07€
    • German: 0,06€
    • Italian: 0.07€
    • Portuguese: 0.07€
    • Russian :  0,08€
    • Ukrainian : 0,09€
    • Rates for other languages – on demand

  • Basic rates per page

    From 30€ /standard translation page (the definition of a “standard translation page” see in General terms)

  • Sworn translations

    from 35€/standard page / 8€ – extra copy

  • Transcription of video et audio files

    from 25€ /1 hour (1 hour audio =  4 hours of preparatory work that does not include  translation)

Our special services

Taking into consideration our experience and the needs of our regular customers, we have developed special services that include not only the translation itself, but also additional options that will save your time, money, and effort related to the management of your foreign business projects.


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Réserver un interprète
By “after-sales service” we mean the support given to the customer after the completion of the provision of translation services. This means that we are ready to offer our customers some small bonuses:

  • √  if necessary, make some minor changes to the translation
  •   provide the necessary information to the Customer and/or his/her business partners
  • √  ensure that the quality of the translation meets the expectations and the needs of the Customer
  •   we send documents by post if necessary (shipping costs not exceeding 3 euros are at our expense)