Simultaneous interpretation at distance



An alternative to traditional logistics


What if your simultaneous interpreters no longer need a cab and move around?


Live remote interpreting

Larina Translation offers you exclusively in France and in partnership with SpeakUS. The future of interpretation with a simultaneous remote platform.



The price of simultaneous interpretation for multilingual events is generally high with its logistics and implementation.

The stress of managing a complex technical process is an additional burden!

Not all venues can accommodate interpreters and material. All locations can not accommodate interpreters and materials.

Why is it so interesting?


A remote simultaneous interpretation platform with Internet voice and video channels between the parties.

Advantages :

Interpreters can work remotely in profitable locations, saving time for transfer and accommodation.

Exotic events formats: webinars, video calls, broadcasts.

Possibility of setting up the interpretation in any place: co-working spaces, meeting rooms.



How it works?

One-on-one with panel discussion and round table


  • The video and sound of the scene are transferred to the remote interpreters.
  • The interpretation is transmitted simultaneously to the public via the application.
  • The public’s questions are recorded live.
  • All microphone outputs are collected on the mixer.
  • The combined audio is transmitted to the interpreter’s workspace.
  • The public uses a mobile application to listen to simultaneous interpretation.


Moving on a stage

      • An external camera is placed to capture the presentation screen and the speaker.
      • The speaker’s microphone is connected to capture all audio files.
      • The sound is played in the interpreter’s workspace.
      • The public uses the mobile application that we provide to listen to simultaneous interpretation.


Live remote interpreting

A Static / Seated Stakeholder (for example, webinar)

      • A laptop in front of the speaker.
      • The interpretation is delivered via the application.
      • All participants use the platform.
      • The interpreter is engaged as a participant and provides simultaneous interpretation.
      • The public receives the interpretation according to their linguistic preferences.




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